Innovative Property Management Solutions

A leading provider of advanced real property management solutions to right of way corridor owners and  currently managing properties on over 70 corridors across more than 20 states.


Since 1997, Omega has partnered with corridor owners to maximize the value of their real property and manage property-related liabilities.


Real Property Management

•  Cataloguing and reviewing all property-related documents
•  Permitting and application processing for new occupancies
•  Pricing of new and existing occupancies at fair market value
•  Billing and collecting for all rents and recoveries
•  Inspecting properties and updating agreements as necessary
•  Identifying and resolving undocumented encroachments
•  Researching title as required to protect property interests
•  Administering risk management policies and procedures



•  Document management
•  Contract abstracts, reporting and analysis
•  Permitting and application workflow
•  Mapping and geospatial analysis


Marketing & Development

•  Marketing of assets for various uses
•  Bidding out assets to operators
•  Development of new uses for real estate
•  Industrial development to drive railroad business



•  Monetization of future lease payments
•  Non-debt source of capital

Omega’s broad service offering leverages over 15 years of corridor property management experience and leading technology platforms.

Omega custom designs a property management solution for each customer based on a deep understanding of its particular objectives, resources and constraints. Omega delivers superior results and provides corridor owners with greater financial and operational capacity to meet their core objectives.

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Omega serves a diverse set of customers including independent Class I, Class II and Class III railroads and railroad holding companies, as well as public sector and non-profit corridor owners. Omega has strong relationships across telecommunications, wireless, cable, advertising, power, water, and oil and gas sectors. These relationships are critical to resolving undocumented encroachments and developing new lease opportunities.