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Wireline Permit Application

This Wireline Application should be completed for all projects involving wirelines including pipelines that will contain wirelines. Please see the Pipeline Application Instructions if your project involves pipelines.

Submitting your application is only the first step in the process. Once your application is submitted, you will be contacted regarding insurance and other additional requirements and next steps.

Please read the following thoroughly before beginning the online application below.

  • Engineered plan and profile drawings meeting the most recent standards of AREMA Chapter 1, Part 5, Utilities are required. Use “Order Form” on AREMA website as needed. Please note that some Railroads/Trails/Properties have additional requirements. These will be communicated to you if applicable once your application is submitted.
  • Application processing does not begin until we have received the completed application, plan and profile drawings, scope of work, copy of existing agreement (if applicable) and payment of application fee.

Aerial wirelines have a minimum application fee of $2,350 and buried wirelines have a minimum application fee of $2,800.

  • Applications may be subject to additional requirements and/or fees. The application fee is non-refundable and subject to change. Related agreement/permit must be fully executed within 12 months of submitting application, otherwise the application will expire. Expired applications require new application submission and related fees. Please plan accordingly.
  • If you have an existing occupation that is being repaired, modified, abandoned, etc., please supply a copy of the agreement that covers it along with your plan and profile.
  • It is advised to begin insurance compliance as soon as you receive the insurance requirements for your project. Failure to have insurance in compliance with the Railroad/Trail/Property Owner’s requirements may cause delay in the execution of the agreement.

After your application has been approved, an agreement must be executed prior to commencing the project. The agreement will not become effective until we have:

  1. Received all insurance documents required by the agreement
  2. Received the document processing, license and any other applicable fees
  3. Executed and returned the agreement to you.